Here’s How We Can Help Win The Virginia Election Today! Step #1: Tell Your Friends.

The polls are close so use an easy-to-use friend-to-friend outreach tool to spread the word to your personal contacts and recruit them to Vote OR Help much faster than traditional field tactics.

11/5 UPDATE: VoterCircle CEO Sangeeth Peruri joined Network For Progress on Monday in Arlington, Virginia! Watch the Facebook Live video at the bottom of the post to hear his talk on this Friend-2-Friend Outreach app.

So, even though its getting a late roll out, it’s time for a crash course on how to engage your OWN networks in the election as i just used the Voter Circle app to reach 1,400+ likely Democratic voters in my gmail/facebook contacts and after over a decade in Virginia organizing I have many more that i will reach through Voter Circle this week.

According to Voter Circle, there are typically only 2–3 degrees of separation between the campaign and every voter in a district so if all of my contacts recruited all their friends we could reach almost every voter with a more efficient method of engagement.

The typical open rate averages about 50% with click rate of 10–20% as studies show email peer-to-peer outreach can increase voter turnout by about 10% for thousands of contacts in minutes but if you take my recommended step of individual call/text/direct message follow up those numbers can go up even further.

To put that in perspective, for every 100 voters that you email you can accomplish the equivalent of about 20 hours of door knocking can do. So basically, 50–100x more IDs/hour for less than a dime per voter reached.

Please watch the demo video and join my Organizer Circle below then I can help you get started building a “Virtual Precinct” list of Virginia voters AND other supporters that is synced with the Virginia Democratic campaign:

Here’s an example of an email message that I customized for my contacts to add more information about the issues, absentee voting, volunteering and sharing that you can you can customize to share within or without joining my circle:


This VA election seems way too close. Can you please make sure to vote? (Polls Close @ 7pm!)


Hi, Everyone I Can Find!

As you may know, the Virginia election polls look really close as former President Obama recently came to Richmond for a rally on behalf of our Democratic ticket where he discussed how the most important office in a democracy is being a CITIZEN because we people vote and get engaged good thins happen! (watch the full video)

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam also discussed several of the Priority Issues on his agenda that affect Virginia and ALL Americans like Jobs of the Future, Clean Energy, Affordable Health Care & Education as well as Gun and Criminal Justice Reform. (watch his full remarks)

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is cheering on the fear-mongering tactics being used by Ed Gillespie and Republicans in the House of Delegates who are fighting to take us backward (GOP’s VA Agenda) on issues relating to Women, LGBT, Immigrant and Voting Rights as well as Confederate Monuments and even a Red State-led Constitutional Convention! (watch “Why Virginia Matters” here)

So, I’m supporting Virginia Democrats because we need create an inclusive Virginia with equality and opportunity for everyone regardless of who you are and where you came from.

That is why I decided to volunteer to remind my democratic friends to vote on Tuesday, November 7th. Make sure to mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget! Keep in mind, Virginia polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. All you need to bring with you to vote is a photo ID.

Will you make a plan to vote? Let me know and find where to vote here:

By the way, I contacted you through a really cool friend-to-friend outreach tool to find my friends who might vote for Democrats in Virginia. It was easy and only took a few minutes.

It would be great if you could join me in spreading the word with Voter Circle if you know anyone who lives in or wants to help Virginia because EVERY vote is critical this November:

(watch video & sign up then i will share more info like i did on Medium here)

And make sure to vote for Democrats who will move Virginia forward:

We have a great statewide ticket including army veteran and doctor Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for Governor on the RIGHT (facebook, twitter), former U.S. Attorney Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor (facebook, twitter) on the LEFT and a proactive advocate Mark Herring running for Re-Election as Attorney General (facebook, twitter) in the MIDDLE of the picture above.

You can get to know these candidates further by following them and watch the latest Videos for our entire ticket on Facebook (see above) or Twitter or YouTube to see why there is growing enthusiasm for the campaign because as Justin Fairfax points out in this TV ad, the “Virginia Line” is where we start to take our country back from Donald Trump:

We also really need your help to spread the word so we can win across the ENTIRE ballot this time — especially if you live in one of the 17 districts that Hillary won but have GOP incumbents as these are predicted to be close races that need donations and any support ASAP. (social media readers can find out who is running for Delegate in your district here)


Feel free to read and subscribe to my N4P News 4 Progress and join my “Here’s How We Can Help Turn Virginia Blue Today?” Facebook Event to get updates on how you can be involved wherever you are!

The standard email template has less text and images but you can also make your own blog version like i did here for social sharing….i also recommend individual follow up calls, texts and messaging to make sure your friends saw your email message and to create some real conversations.

Watch our 11/5 “Friend-2-Friend Outreach” Program with Sangeeth Peruri, the CEO of Voter Circle, who came to Virginia from California earlier that night. We had some trouble with the glare but its definitely worth watching…we started recording prematurely so you can start it at 0:30 second mark.

Social & Media Strategist Jim McBride promoting forward-minded messaging & community-building as founder of the post-Obama grassroots group Network For Progress